Acopian Power Supply Model L1.5MC500

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Nominal Output Voltage:1.5
Output Current Amps:5
Case Size:LM6A

Input Voltage: 105-125 VAC, 50-420 Hz, single phase. (100-132 VAC, 60Hz @30% derating.)

AC Input Current (maximum): 1.3A (LM6A case), 2A (LM8A case), 3A (LM10A case).

Internal Failure Protection: Provided by internal fuse.

Input Undervoltage: An input of less than 105 VAC will not damage power supply.

Regulation, Ripple (in constant voltage mode):
See Output Specs, Case Size, Model # and Price

Start-up Time: 75 to 150 msec.

Start-up Surge: 15% overcurrent for 500ms surge capability.

Turn-off: Exponentially decays to zero.

Transient Response: 300 μS to return to ±1% of output setting. Maximum of ±3% output excursion following a load step change from 50% to 100%.

Short Circuit and Overload Protection: A short or overload forces the power supply into foldback protection.

Ambient Operating Temperature: –20 to +71°C.

Storage Temperature: –55 to +85°C.

Temperature Coefficient (after 30 minute warm-up):
Voltage mode; ±0.01%/°C (typical).
Altitude Rating: operation to 10,000 ft and storage to 40,000 ft.

Polarity: Output is floating; either positive or negative terminal may be grounded or floated up to 300 volts above ground. Optional controls and monitors are referenced to the negative terminal.

Drift, Warm-up (first 30 minutes after turn-on, @ 25°C):
Voltage mode; ±0.03% or 5 mv, whichever is greater.
Drift, Long Term (@ 25°C):
Voltage mode; ±0.01%or 5mv, whichever is greater, over 8 hours.
Voltage mode; ±0.015% or 10 mv, whichever is greater, over 1000 hours.
Remote Sensing: Provision for sensing the output voltage across the load, so that drops in the load line are compensated, is a standard feature. Compensates up to 0.5 Vdc drop per output line (or within the limits of the output voltage adjustment range).

Output Voltage Adjustment: Screwdriver accessible through the front panel.

Dielectric Withstand Voltage Isolation
Input to output: 4242 Vdc 500 VAC
Input to case: 2121 Vdc 500 VAC
Output to case: 750 Vdc 300 VAC

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