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Designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in air or nitrox gas compressors.

Key Features:

  • Uses a cost-effective replacement electrochemical cell, helping to minimize running costs
  • Rugged design for a busy compressor room
  • Audio and visual alarms for use in noisy environments

The Analox CO Clear is designed to detect the presenceof carbon monoxide in air or nitrox gas compressors.
There is also a CO Clear helium (He) version which isspecifically designed for use on heliox compressors to account for the effect that helium has on the
sensor – ensuring accurate and reliable readings.
The monitor is wall mounted to provide continuous
online monitoring.
Carbon monoxide is a dangerous and potentially lethal
gas, the effects of which are increased with pressure. It
could enter the breathing gas from the compressor inlet
or from issues relating to the compressor maintenance.
The CO Clear is designed to be installed inline on an air
compressor arrangement to warn the operator if there
a potential contamination of carbon monoxide before it
reaches the cylinders/user. Analox recommend that
a twin stage regulator is used to reduce the
sample pressure.
The monitor consists of a main sensor unit installed after
the pressure has been regulated down to between 1
and 3 barg. Optional extras include a relay which could
be used to switch off the compressor or sound a remote
alarm. The unit has 2 alarm set points and audio/
visual alarms.
With audio/visual alarms and options including relays
and 4-20mA, there is no better value, or more accurate
and reliable CO monitor on the market. It is available as
either a 230 V AC, 110 V AC or 24 V DC powered unit,
and fitted with UK, Euro, US or Australian plugs.
The instrument uses an electrochemical cell together
with state of the art technology, built in an IP65 splash
proof housing, and is designed to provide long, trouble
free service, with minimum maintenance.

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