BC GROUP Biomedical Defibrillator Analyzer DA-2006P

The DA-2006 and DA-2006P Defibrillator Analyzer Series take advantage of

the latest electronic technology and deliver accurate, consistent test results on

all defibrillators, regardless of manufacturer or model.

Whether you need to test output energy, cardioversion delay time, maximum

energy charge time, or your AED, the DA-2006 and DA-2006P will deliver.

You can even capture and view the actual output energy and pacer

waveforms to check for any abnormalities.

With 26 internal test loads, the DA-2006P delivers a full range of capabilities

for testing the transcutaneous pacemaker function of your advanced level

defibrillators, including tests like demand sensitivity, refractory period, rate,

pacer pulse width, pacer pulse amplitude, etc. Test pacer functionality with the

peace of mind that the Pacer Input terminals on the DA-2006P are internally

protected against accidental defibrillator discharge.

DA-2006-VL, works in conjunction with DA-2006 Series Defibrillator Analyzers,

providing variable loads used when testing defibrillators to assure the proper

electrical current is delivered to the heart, per IEC 60601-2-4 and AAMI DF80

standards. Automatic detection of loads, no settings to change or configure

in the DA-2006/P. Ensure that the correct load is selected in the defibrillator

output pulse measurement.


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