Bladewerx Personal Alpha CAMs EpeeCAM

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The Bladewerx EpeeCAM™ is an ultra-compact Continuous Air Monitor capable of real-time detection of alpha and beta emitting particulates. The Bladewerx EpeeBZM™ is the wearable Breathing Zone Monitor version, boasting a remote sampling head to be clipped near the worker’s lapel.

The flexible design provides a high-performance platform for detecting trace amounts of radioactive particulates in the presence of ambient radon or alternatively for making high accuracy radon measurements.  The EpeeCAM can be configured to measure and alarm on the presence of special nuclear materials (SNM) or to report on potential alpha energy concentration (PAEC) in working levels.

The EpeeBZM is small enough to be worn inside worker’s anti-C Level A suits. The close proximity of the sampling head to the wearer means much more accurate worker dose assessments than larger CAMs.  Having a size less than 6” x 5” x 3” and weighing a mere 2 pounds, it can be located virtually anywhere.  The EpeeCAM is designed and built to survive the rigors of industrial use.


  • Typical sensitivity of 1.5 DAC-h for Chronic and 45 DAC-h for Acute

  • Real time Radon compensation — displays PAEC and indicates radon and thoron progeny equilibrium

  • A battery life of at least 8 hours — with less than one false alarm per 2,080 hours of operation

  • Ultra-Compact design — only 6 x 5 x 3 inches and weighing a mere 2 pounds

  • Significantly reduced false alarms – using alpha peak-shape-fitting technology

  • Performs both fast-responding and high-sensitivity measurements

  • Voice annunciation function provides status changes and dose levels

  • Acute and Chronic dose, concentration, and flow logging as well as spectrum logging

  • International version available using SI units and adapted power supply

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