DMC Heavy Head Adapter HDE-1804902C

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The HDE-1804902C is ideal for converting TE 69710-1 Straight Action C-head frame tool and any TE Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT) into a battery crimp tool. Converting your manual tool is easy and comes with the added benefit of next generation connectivity.

Users can track tool performance, users, and projects. Crimp data is viewable in real time on the LED display or can be downloaded via an app.


• Bluetooth connectivity

• Tracks number & quality of crimps

• Ergonomic design allows one-handed operation

• Die can be released mid-cycle to make adjustments

• Head rotates 350° CRIMP CAPABILITIES

• Max. Crimp Force: 1.5 Tons (13.3 kN)

• Avg. Crimp Time: 2 seconds

• Avg. Crimps per Charge: 150 (Approx 300 with Extended Life Battery) SPECIFICATIONS

• L x W x H: 4.5 x 2.9 x 12.7 (in) 114 x 74 x 305 (mm)

• Weight (with battery unit): 3.9 lb (1.76 kg)

• Sound Level: 75 db (A) at 1 meter

• Vibration: < 8.2 ft/s2 (2.5 m/s2)

• Hydraulic Oil: Shell Tellus® T-15 INCLUDED

• Carrying case

• Two 18 VDC, 2.0 Ah, Lithium Ion batteries

• One battery charger

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