Hass Intellifaucet Batch Controller BC250SS

The Intellifaucet BC250SS Batch and Temperature Control System is a unique product which not only delivers accurate batches of water, but controls the water temperature as well. Valves and electronics are built into one compact unit greatly reducing system cost and complexity. Only an external pulse-type flowmeter and a spring-check valve are needed to complete the system.

Accurate batches are easy with the Intellifaucet. Tests prove batching accuracy is within ±0.1% of the information supplied by the flowmeter. Flowmeter accuracy will affect the total system accuracy. The Intellifaucet achieves this accuracy by automatically reducing the flow rate near the end of a batch. Water temperature is also tightly controlled. The Intellifaucet maintains water temperature within ± 0.5 °F.

The Intellifaucet is easy to use. Each key on the keypad has one function. The keys are clearly labelled and grouped by common functions. To operate as a high performance mixing valve, turn the power on, set the temperature and press “START”. The valves open and tempered water flows within seconds. To run a batch, set the batch quantity and press “START NEW BATCH”. To stop the flow of water and cancel a batch, press “STOP”. To repeat the batch, press “START NEW BATCH” again.


Batch quantities can be selected in gallons, liters, pounds or kilograms. Temperature can be selected in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.

Batches can be paused an unlimited number of times without any loss of accuracy. If the Pause Batch / Resume Batch key is pressed during a batch, the valves will close, stopping the water flow. The key is pressed again to start the water flow and resume the batch.

Precision regulating valves feature a rugged, maintenance – free design. The valves and seals exceed 3 million cycles without failure. Each valve is driven by a brushless DC step motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Valve parts are precision machined to close tolerances. The outlet water flows continuously without pulsing.

Valve bodies are made from type 303 stainless steel. Valve trim is made from type 303 stainless steel with glass filled teflon seat seals for long life.


The remote control interface allows a remote computer, a PLC or an electronic temperature controller to adjust the Intellifaucet setpoint temperature with a 4-20 mA control signal. Two momentary dry contact closure inputs are available to start and stop batches.

Each Intellifaucet comes complete with an AC power adaptor, wall bracket, mounting hardware and owners manual.

A complete batch system includes the Intellifaucet, a flowmeter kit, and a check valve. The check valve keeps air out of the flowmeter to improve accuracy.


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