KISICO Caps with dosing chamber

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Demand for dosing caps is on the upswing and KISICO´s ReservoirCap is the optimal solution for those needs. These caps allow substances to be mixed immediately before use.

The ReservoirCap is supplied with a ready-to-fill container. The ingredient is simply poured into the reservoir at the top of the cap. After this simple filling process has been completed, the container is closed with a lid. The ingredient is now completely enclosed in the cavity and protected from all external influences. No other sealing equipment is required. The lid is then screwed onto a standard bottle with a PP28 mouth. This bottle can be filled with a liquid. If required, the reservoir can also be filled after the ReservoirCap has been screwed onto a bottle filled with liquid. Turning the smaller cap opens the container and the substance from the reservoir falls into the bottle.

The closures can be produced in cleanroom facilities and from pharmaceutical or food-grade materials.

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