OMEGA FMA5400A/5500A Economical gas quality controller

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The FMA5400A/5500A series electronic gas mass flowmeter can control the flow rate of various gases up to 100 SLM within the range of 0 to 10 SCCM. FMA5400A/5500A utilizes heat transfer through a heating tube to measure gas flow, providing direct gas mass flow measurement without the need for compensation for gas temperature or pressure (within specified limits). This product can provide an economical aluminum/copper structure, suitable for measuring ordinary gas flow, and can also provide a 316 stainless steel structure, suitable for applications with higher corrosion resistance requirements. The FMA5400A series flowmeter without an integrated display screen has 0~-5Vdc and 4~20 mA analog output for remote monitoring; The FMA5500A series flow meter combines an integrated 3-1/2 bit digital display screen and analog output. The display screen can be tilted by 90 degrees for easy viewing of readings. The display screen has been calibrated to directly display the nitrogen flow rate in SCCM or SLM units (you can obtain other gas calibration by ordering specifically).

The FMA5400A/5500A mass flow controller has a built-in normally closed solenoid valve, which can maintain a constant flow rate regardless of changes in inlet or outlet pressure. The set value can be controlled locally through a potentiometer (which can be accessed through the access window in the housing), or remotely through 0-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA analog signals (optional on-site). The FMA5400A/5500A series requires a 12~26Vdc power supply (maximum current 800 mA), and the FMA545PW wall plug-in socket power supply can meet its requirements. 12~15 Vdc power @ 800 mA maximum (only for specifications 43, 44, and 45). The accessory model FMA545C (provided separately) comes with a matching 15 pin “” D “” type connector with an 8-foot shielded cable for accessing analog output signals and power input connections. The FMA5500A series is equipped with an LCD that is connected to the electronic devices below through a communication plug. By purchasing the FMA18RC remote cable component, you can remotely install the LCD. Afterwards, you must assemble the components yourself for panel installation of the LCD.

OMEGA FMA Series Mass Flowmeter

Product specifications

Accuracy: For devices with full scale less than 100 SLM ± 1% FS, at 15-25 ° C (59-77 ° F) and

0.7~4.2 kg/cm ² Linear at (10~60 psia). For devices ≥ 100 SLM, full scale: ± 1.5% FS at 15-25 ° C (59-77 ° F) and 0.7-4.2 kg/cm ² Linearity within the range of 20-100% at (10-60 psia); ± 3% FS within the range of 0-20%.

Repeatability:± 0.5% full scale

Temperature coefficient: 0.15% FS/° C

Pressure coefficient: 0.01% FS per psi (0.07 bar)

Maximum pressure drop: 50 psid

Response time: within the range of 25%~100% FS, within ± 2% of the set flow rate within 5 seconds

Maximum air pressure: 70 kg/cm2 gauge pressure (1000 psig) (suitable for devices up to 100 SLM); 35 kg/cm2 gauge pressure (500 psig); Optimal 1.76 kg/cm (25 psig)

Gas and ambient temperature: 5-50 ° C (41-122 ° F)

Leakage rate: The maximum leakage rate to the external environment is 1 × 10-7 cc/sec helium gas

Liquid receiving material:

Aluminum flow meter: anodized aluminum oxide, 316 SS, brass, and FKM O-ring

Stainless steel model: 316 SS and FKM O-ring

Output signal:

Linear 0-5 Vdc: 1000 Ω minimum load

4-20 mA: 50-500 Ω loop resistance, ± 20 mV maximum noise

Sensor power supply: 12-26 Vdc @ 800 mA Standard range ratio: 40:1

Shipping weight: 1.8 kg (4 lb)

Compliance: EN55011 Class 1, Class B; EN50082-1

Altitude sensitivity: Horizontal flow path, tilt to 20 °, calibration will not deviate

Gas relative humidity: 0-70% RH

Minimum pressure drop

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