PETOL(Gearench) Custom Gearing DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK® – 5 axis vertical

PETOL™ provides full-service gear milling of external involute gear forms including, but not limited to Herringbone, Helical, Double Helical, and Spur, meeting the standard of high quality expected of all our products since 1927. In our state of the art machining center, new services such as reverse engineering and custom metrology are available for specific gearing requirements.


  • Gear Milling of external involute gear forms including, but not limited to:
    Helical – Double Helical – Spur – Herringbone
  • Reverse Engineering of Standard & Metric tooth forms
  • Up to AGMA 12 Quality Level (Standard 2000-A88)
  • Tooth Profile Modification for prototypes or production
  • Custom Metrology
  • Gear Inspection Services
  • Prototype Manufacturing


  • 2″ to 16″ OD Pinions up to 64″ in Length
  • Up to 58″ OD Gears and 20″ Face Width
  • METROLOGY: (X)62″ (Y)118″ (Z)55″

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model:DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK® – 5 axis vertical
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