PETOL(Gearench) SURGRI BELT TONG Strap Wren SCT516ch

The PETOL SURGRIP BELT TONG Strap Wrench was originally developed for use in high torque offshore makeup and breakout applications and has become widely accepted due to its use of lightweight composite belts which weigh significantly less than heavy link chains. The straps are safer, grip better and are capable of delivering higher torques and do not rust or corrode. Additionally, the strap will not “fly apart” even if the BELT TONG strap wrench is over-torqued or broken. While torque will vary according to diameter, tong sizes are available capable of delivering up to 165,600 ft.-lbs. of torque with composite straps to accommodate pipe sizes from 5″ to 72″ O.D.

The PETOL BELT TONG strap wrench is safe and easy to use and requires only two rig personnel to operate. The lightweight strap, a pin that quickly latches and unlatches the strap and an adjustable hanger that keeps the wrench in perfect balance for easy application and ratcheting, are features that enable the tool to be both efficient and safe.

Each BELT TONG strap wrench comes equipped with two PETOL Diamond Point Inserts which can be quickly changed out when necessary. The SCT1020, SCT1020H, SCT1838 and SCT2036 can be adjusted to grip the main body of the pipe or the pipe coupling.

Prior to shipment, every BELT TONG strap wrench is load tested and magnetic particle inspected (MPI).

For added safety, PETOL Grip Assembly are available as an accessory for the PETOL BELT TONG strap wrench.

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