Phantomlab Catphan 500

The Catphan 500 provides complete characterization of maximum imaging performance for axial and spiral CT scanners. The Catphan 500 provides a comprehensive set of measurements to measure the maximum performance of your CT scanner’s sensitometry, uniformity, geometric and low-contrast sensitivity.

There are variations of the Catphan 500 phantom that are provided through Varian (CTP 504) and Elekta (CTP 503). Please see Additional Catphan Models for details.

Smári Image Analysis Service
The Catphan 500 is equipped with Smári, a powerful, web-based image analysis service created by The Phantom Laboratory. Smári delivers automated phantom image analysis in the cloud and maintains measurements in a database for trend analysis, machine comparisons, and historical records.


  • CTP401
    – sensitometry (linearity)
    – scan slice geometry (slice width and slice sensitivity profile)
    – pixel (matrix) size
    – circular symmetry
    – phantom position verification
    – patient alignment system check
    – scan incrementation

  • CTP528
    – high resolution measurement – up to 21 line pairs per cm

  • CTP515
    – low contrast sensitivity
    – comparative subslice and supra-slice low contrast sensitivity

  • CTP486
    – spatial uniformity
    – noise (precision) of CT systems

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