Pyrometer Contact Thermocouple Thermometers Digital 500 II

Brand: Pyrometer
model:Digital 500 II
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The Pyrometer Digital 500 II digital thermometer is a rugged portable easy to read thermocouple pyrometer that utilizes interchangeable, reusable thermocouple tips for both surface and immersion applications. This digital thermometer pyrometer is ideal for temperature measurement using thermocouple thermometer K type thermocouples. Instrument temperature measurement accuracy to ± 1.0% of reading is achieved by employing an automatic internal cold end junction compensator to prevent temperature measurement errors due to ambient temperature variations. The Digital 500 thermocouple thermometer comes complete with a durable Lexan housing and is ready to use with a wide variety of optional rigid & flexible extension arms and thermocouples.

Product Features

Digital Readout ± 1° F or C
Accuracy: ± 1.0% Reading
Temperature Ranges: 0 – 2500°F (0 – 1400°C)
Temperature sensor probe
Automatic Cold End Junction Compensation
Durable Lexan Housing
Lightweight Compact Design
Rechargeable Ni Cad Batteries
Low Battery Warning Light
Rigid Or Flexible Extension Arms
Interchangeable K Type Thermocouples for Contact
and Immersion Applications

Product Applications

The PYRO Digital 500 II prometer can accommodate a wide variety of K type thermocouple tips that are suited for many types surface and immersion applications.

Molten Copper
Molten Tin
Molten Brass
Molten Bronze
Molten Aluminum
Molten Zinc
Rolling Mills
Heat Treating
Rubber Processing
Rotating Rolls
Steam Traps
Sheet Metal


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