RJL SYSTEMS Quantum ll- Body Composition Analyzer

型号:Quantum II 



Product Overview – The Quantum II is an ideal choice for users who desire a body composition analyzer that is compact and portable. The combined key features of the Quantum II and the accompanying BC software provide an easy-to-use, accurate and affordable instrument for revealing and monitoring changes in the composition of the human body.

BC Software – After testing with the Quantum II Analyzer, the measurements are entered into the BC software which performs the body composition analysis. The end results can provide guidance for an individual to improve their body composition using the diet and exercise wizard in BC.

Healthcare Professionals – Many professionals in the health, fitness and nutrition fields use our instruments because scale weight alone does not provide enough information to manage an overall health plan for individuals. With the Quantum II, they have the ability to know when fat, fat-free mass and fluids are lost or gained, when working with patients and clients to improve body composition in relation to health and fitness management.

Institutional Researchers – The Quantum II provides bioelectrical resistance and reactance measurements, which can include equation choices for a variety of populations. Extremely small changes in body composition can be illustrated due to the instrument’s exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The results of testing with the Quantum II Instrument can provide the user with a method to monitor and historically track body composition changes.








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