Simpson 886-2/890-2 Sound Level Meter w/ Calibrator

model: 886-2/890-2
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Simpson Type 2 sound level systems come in a variety of configurations to meet any noise measurement requirements. Each system is composed of several components designed to work together as one integrated test instrument and output jacks that will supply an AC RMS or DC Volt signal.

Sound pressure level calibrators are used before or after taking measurements with sound level meters and noise dosimeters. The 890-2 can adjust Simpson models 886- 2 and 884-2 or other sound level meters with a 1″ diameter Microphone. The 890-2 provides a constant 94 dB or 114 dB sound pressure level at 1 KHz (0 dB = 0.0002 Mbar). Calibrator is immune to a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions while maintaining tight output level tolerances.

Tech Specs

  • Meets IEC 651 and ANSI S1.4-1983 meters
  • Meets OSHA and Walsh-Healy Noise Control Specifications
  • Quickly and Accurately Measures Sound Levels in Factories, Offices, Etc.
  • Full Coverage 40-140dB with special 85-115 dB OSHA range
  • Impact-resistance case contoured to minimize sound energy field reflections
  • Operates 40 hours on a 9V battery
  • AC and DC Voltage jacks for recorder, analyzer and tester interface
  • Built-in tripod mount

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