Sinton Lifetime Measurement WCT-120TS

The WCT-120TS (Temperature Stage) instrument showcases the unique measurement and analysis techniques found with our WCT-120 instrument with the added capability to measure the carrier recombination lifetime of silicon wafers at temperatures ranging from 25°C to 200°C. Both the Quasi- Steady-State Photoconductance (QSSPC) lifetime measurement method developed by Sinton Instruments as well as the transient photoconductance decay technique can be used to measure wafer lifetime with this tool.

Primary application:

Measuring carrier recombination lifetimne in silicon wafers at a range of temperatures.

Other Applications:

-Monitoring initial material quality

-Detecting heavy metals contamination during wafer processing

-Evaluating surface passivation and emitter dopant diffusion

-Evaluating process-induced shunting using the implied I-V measurement


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