TECPRO Loudspeaker station LS382

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This has similar specifications to its sibling LS381, but can be connected across two intercom circuits. The LS382 can switch between monitoring circuit A or circuit B.

The rear-mounted intercom connections comprise two pairs of 3-pin and one pair of 5-pin XLR connectors for flexible ‘daisy chaining’ with other user stations. Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 66 (w x h x d), 1U rack mounting, 66mmm deep. Weight: 900g.

Series 2 Tecpro LS300 Loudspeaker Stations provide local monitoring of intercom circuits without the need to wear headphones. The built-in microphone makes them suitable for hands-free operation, allowing full-duplex simultaneous talk and listen conversations to take place. If required, a headset may be plugged in, disabling the internal microphone and speaker. LS300 Loudspeaker Stations offer single circuit operation as standard. Dual circuit versions are available on some models.

  • Hands-free or headset operation
  • Loudspeakers selected for clear voice reproduction
  • Built-in flush-mounted electret microphone
  • Microphone On/Off button offers push-to-talk or latching characteristics
  • Acoustic feedback cancellation preset
  • Side-tone preset for headset
  • XLR 4-pin input socket for gooseneck microphone or headset
  • Single and dual-circuit versions available on some models
  • DC and 20kHz ‘Call Alert’ signaling send and receive
  • 24kHz ‘Remote Mic Kill’ send and receive
  • 28kHz ‘Override’ signal recognition for preset volume restoration

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