Valuetesters Mini Wire Finder and Cable Locator Greenlee 508S

empo 508S-G Wire Finder Mini Locator is a wire tracer and underground cable locator for technicians who occasionally need to locate buried or in-wall wiring but don’t require all the whistles and bells of a high priced cable locator. Its compact design doesn’t take up valuable truck space while easy-to-understand operations help avoid constantly referring to manuals. Tempo 508S Wire Finder provides reliable results on buried cables to depths of 3 feet and lengths up to 1000 feet. The unit can even be used to determine the approximate depth of a wire or cable before you dig. Fully adjustable transmitter output and receiver gain improve system performance and locating accuracy. Tempo Greenlee 508S-G Wire Finder comes housed in a durable, molded carrying case with a quick reference operation guide on the inside of the lid. Wire tracer locates energized and or non-energized cables. Traces the path of burried wires and locates wires behind walls.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable signal on transmitter and receiver to optimize location
  • General and pinpoint location features in one
  • Voltage protection permits use on live AC circuits (110V)
  • Automatic shut-off prevents to extend battery life
  • Rugged design for use in the field
  • Quick reference guide enclosed to streamline product use
  • Compact design
Specifications: Greenlee – Tempo 508S Wire Finder Mini Locator
Power Two 9V batteries (included)
Battery Life Transmitter 35 hrs, Receiver 20 hrs (nominal)
Transmitter Frequency/Power 447.5 KHz, 9V p-p (11mW)
Voltage Protection 240 VAC, 500 VDC
Case High-impact ABS housings, formed polyethylene case, 2.6 lbs complete

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model: Greenlee 508S
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