Brand: :Ivanko
model: RUB/EPR
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Since we introduced the industry’s first rubber dumbbell in 1983, we’ve refined and fine-tuned the design 51 times–every time we saw a way to give clubs and their members something better. Like greater durability, advanced odor reduction, or more eye catching styling. You could settle for something that looks like one of our earlier designs. But, if you want your members to have the finest rubber dumbbell there is , give them a dumbbell that is 51 steps closer to perfection.

 Offered in 2-1/2, 5lb. or 2 kg increments. 

  • Available in pounds or kilos ( these are the ONLY fixed dumbbells offered in Kilos)
  • + Available in 2- 1/2 lb. increments from 7.5 to 57.5 lbs.
  • + Rubber encased IVANKO RUB plates.
  • + 30mm handle is drop-forged from one piece of solid, 1026 steel.
  • + Handle with deep-set knurling, is triple chrome plated with a nickel base.
  • + Bolt Custom fabricated (Grade-8) – 55% bigger, 60% longer, 33% stronger.
  • + All dumbbells are assembled in-house to IVANKO Perma-Lock ™ spec.
  • + Assembled in the USA from US and foreign components.

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