Soucring in China

Before surcing, it is better if you know some Chinese business culture before sourcing in China. Accurate communication in business will help you save time and money.  Firstly, you should be clear about the details of the products. Then you can start your trade with the suppliers you choose.

sourcing in China

 Further, negotiate on the price, packing, and label. Then arrange a shipping method. Finally, confirm the terms and conditions, such as payment, return etc. So let me direct you importing from China.

sourcing in China

Offline Wholesale Market – best way to buy from china

There are many wholesale markets in China. They are:

Yiwu Wholesale Market for small products is well known Yiwu trade city. 

Guangzhou Wholesale Market for clothes, watches, bags, shoes etc.

Shenzhen market fouses on machines, electronic components.

Foshan market provides lamps, lanterns, furniture, clothing, ceramic products etc.

And there are many other cities in China that specialize in certain products.

Online selling – soaring in China

Online sales are soaring in China.  It helps Chinese order online.  But since 99% Chinese do not speak Eglish, so it is better for you to find a middleman to order for you. 


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