65UV5-1004-CEX Integrated Flame Scanner

The 65UV5-1004 CEX scanner includes an internal terminal rail. The two red leads provide the 24
vdc power. The two black leads access the normally open flame relay contact. The yellow lead provides the positive connection for the 4 to 20mA signal referenced to 24 volt vdc ground. A ground
screw is provided on the front of the scanner and internally to cross bond.



TYPE 65UV5-1004-CEX, Integrated Flame Scanner, with Internal Flame Relay and Analog Output
Hazardous Classifications:
Cooling / Purge Air Requirements:
Source: Clean, dry, cool
Volume: 4 SCFM (113 l/min) at 3/4″ threaded mounting flange, or 1 inch “Y” fitting,
mounted on scanner sight pipe. Temperature near the upper limit of the scanner operating
range and/or use with dirty/dusty fuels may require up to 15 SCFM (425 l/min).
Pressure: Adequate to overcome furnace or windbox pressure
Temperature Rating: -40° F to + 150°F (-40°C to +65°C) maximum dependent on “T”
Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Input Power: 24 Vdc, +10%, -15% supply current 100 mA
Electrical Connection: Internal terminal rail
Relay Output FLAME RELAY, SPST (N.O.)
Contact Rating: Minimum: 10 mA @ 5 Vdc
Maximum: 2 A @ 30 Vdc
2 A @ 240 Vac
Status Indication: Internal LED: “Flame Signal”, “Fault Indication”


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