American geogrator T3AFC-31-10KK frequency converter

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American geogrator T3AFC-31-10K frequency converter
Capacity 10 KVA
Voltage (select a separate voltage):
Three phase triangle 220/380/460 ± 25%
Three phase star 190/200/2008/220/230/240V ± 25%
Three phase Y-shaped 380/400/415/440/460/480V ± 25%
Frequency 45-66 Hz (400 Hz. optional)
Power walk 0-100%: 20 seconds
Voltage (select a separate voltage) 208, 220, 230, or 240V (± 15% adjustable)
Voltage regulation under linear load ± 1%
Frequency (select one) 50 or 60Hz ± 0.1Hz
(Optional: 400Hz.) (Optional: Switch optional 50/60Hz.)
(Optional: Frequency adjustable to ± 10% of nominal value)
Phase 1 Phase, 2W+G (optional 3W)
Power factor 0.8
Distortion (THD)<2% (linear load)<3% (nonlinear load) Peak coefficient 3:1 Overload capacity < 110% continuous; 125% for 10 minutes.; 150% for 1 minute. Efficiency>85%
LCD and touch screen real-time status, data or historical events, parameters, real-time clock, inverter&alarm
Latest LED information (status) for user and audible alarms
Overvoltage/undervoltage alarm
Output short-circuit current limiting and cutting, fuses and circuit breakers
Overload automatically shuts down for 1 minute, and automatically recovers when normal is restored
Automatic shutdown due to high temperature
Lightning/EMC Filter MOV/Input and Output (FCC Class A)
EMI/EMC EN50091-1, -2 approved
Current isolation input and output true current isolation
Interface contact closed, RS-232/485 supports remote control module, optional SNMP card (model: MEGATEC Net Agent II)
Georator T3AFC-31-10K frequency converter environment in the United States
Working temperature -5 ° -40 ° C
Humidity 0-95% non condensing
Sound noise at 1 meter
Dimensions of the American geogrator T3AFC-31-10K frequency converter
Width x height x depth (mm) 550 * 1800 * 800
Width x Height x Depth (inches) 21.7 * 71.9 * 31.5
Weight 250 kg

Automatic shutdown
Battery life 70 hours
On/Off Soft Switch
Good/bad pipeline indication
Backlight for night viewing
Self inspection mode
Low battery indicator
11 measurement units provide precise accuracy
Using four “A” batteries (included)
Can be calibrated on-site
Or Micro-B US B

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