Cementex 10 Piece Screwdriver Roll TR-10SD

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Tool Roll Includes:

M2 – 9/64″ x 2″ Cabinet Tip Screwdriver

MC6P-CG – 3/16″ x 6″ Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

MC8P-CG – 3/16″ x 8″ Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

M6-CG – 1/4″ x 4″ Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

Y6-CG – 5/16″ x 6″ Mechanics Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

Y8-CG – 3/8″ x 8″ Mechanics Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

Y10-CG – 3/8″ x 10″ Mechanics Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

P1-3-CG – #1 x 3″ Phillips Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

P2-4-CG – #2 x 4″ Phillips Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

P3-6-CG – #3 x 6″ Phillips Tip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip

Cementex Double-insulated Tools:
  • Comply with the IEC 60900 standard
  • Comply with ASTM F1505 standard
  • Help you meet requirements of OSHA Safety Related Work Practices, NFPA 70E Standard and CSA-Z462
Cementex Double-insulated Tools are:
  • Tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC when working on live parts
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Marked with the international safety symbol – △ 1000V

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