Diduco 1125-100 XAMS Membrane Suppressor

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1、 Brand Introduction

Diduo is a leading provider of high-performance liquid chromatography professional services and a manufacturer of Xenoid XAMS chemical suppressors and ASUREX automatic regenerators for ion chromatography.

Xenoid brand products are high-quality products designed specifically for ion chromatography applications, suitable for all types of instruments and systems. Xenoid enables you to implement stable, highly sensitive ion chromatography and suppressed conductivity detection on existing liquid chromatography systems.

Xenoid products are suitable for various ion chromatography, liquid chromatography, and HPLC systems. Compatible instrument brands include Shimadzu, Waters, Agilent, Knauer, Thermo, Dionex, Metrohm, Jasco, TOA, Perkin Elmer, Cecil Instruments, Hitachi, Shodex, and more.


Xenoic XAMS     

1125-100XAMS Anion membrane suppressor

Robust chemically regenerated anionic membrane inhibitors, suitable for most applications using hydroxide or carbonate eluates. For columns with internal diameter of 3-5 mm and flow rate of 0.5-2 mL/min. The 1125-100XAMS Anion membrane suppressor (XAMS membrane suppressor) is available to all brands of liquid chromatography devices (HPLC and IC) and is fully compatible with the Merck Millipore discontinued SeQuant SAMS suppressor (P / N 1.50609.0001) and the Cecil Instruments CE 4715 chemical suppressor.


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