DMC crimp tool HDE120C

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The HDE120C is a battery powered hydraulic crimp tool designed to use interchangeable MS23002-XX dies (for insulated lugs), MS90485-XX dies (for uninsulated lugs) and MS25442-XX dies (for aluminum lugs). It has an electric hydraulic system with automatic pressure relief to prevent over compression and automatic die retraction after the crimp cycle.

This tool is equivalent to DMC’s TBHD1M (MS25441-1) remote hydraulic head and DMC’s HD120 manual hydraulic hand tool, with added benefits of portable power and high-tech features. Users can track tool performance, users, and projects. Crimp data is viewable in real time on the LED display or can be downloaded via an app.


• Bluetooth® connectivity
• Tracks number and quality of crimps
• Ergonomic design allows one-handed operation
• Die automatically opens when crimp is complete
• Die can be released mid-cycle to make adjustments
• Head rotates 360º


• 8 to 4/0 AWG
• Max. Crimp Force: 12 Tons (106 kN)
• Avg. Crimp Time: 2 seconds
• Avg. Crimps per Charge: 150


• L x W x H: 17 x 3 x 14.8 (in) 432 x 77 x 375 (mm)
• Weight (with battery): 17.7 lb (8 kg)
• Sound Level: 75 db (A) at 1 meter
• Vibration: < 8.2 ft/s2 (2.5 m/s2)
• Hydraulic Oil: Shell Tellus® T-15
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