Electro-lite UV transparent acrylic adhesive ELC4481

UV transparent acrylic adhesive

ELC4481 is a UV curable structural adhesive designed for connecting optical fibers, glass to glass assemblies, and glass to metal applications. ELC-4481 is designed specifically for fiber optics and the fiber optic industry, used for fiber bundle bonding, fiber splicing, transparent injection, and lens assembly. There are three types of ELC-4481 UV clear adhesive that maintain the same specifications: low @ 300CPS, medium @ 5000CPS, and high @ 10000CPS.

Typical properties

Extension @            20% fracture

Tensile strength @ 7000 PSI at break

Hard shore D          85

ASTMD570, water selection        0.8% (boiling water for 2 hours)

Refractive index n D          1.48

Operating temperature       -65 F -300 F

Photoelectric intensity ASTMD257         700 V/mil

Discharge constant ASTM150         5.697 @ 100Hz

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