GearWrench 120XP Electronic Flex Head Torque Wrenches 85195

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Ideal for automotive jobs, GearWrench 120XP electronic flex head torque wrenches with angle ensure a more precise fastener torque level and are available in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 in. drives. With 120 positions for a 3-degree swing arc, a flattened low-clearance beam, and flexing head for reaching fasteners that other torque wrenches cannot, GearWrench 120XP electronic torque wrenches deliver maximum access and accuracy. Choose the perfect drive size for your toolbox.

Features, benefits, and specs:

* 120XP head provides a 3-degree ratcheting arc to turn fasteners in narrow spaces
* Accuracy of +/- 2 percent CW and +/- 3 percent CCW between 20 to 100 percent of full scale
* Angle settings offer +/-1 percent of reading of angle accuracy
* Low-profile tube, 15-degree flex teardrop head, and flush mounted on/off switch allow better access in tight confines
* Digitally tracks torque and angle measurements
* Vibrating handle, buzzer, and LCD screen alert when target torque is reached
* Three function modes feature peak torque, angle, and peak angle for additional versatility
* Five torque measurement units provide a readout in ft.-lb., in.-lb., Nm, Kg-m, and Kg-cm
* 10 available preset torque settings allow you to quickly access frequently repeated applications
* Knurled aluminum handle lets you grip comfortably, while the clearly marked midpoint promotes additional accuracy
* Meets or exceeds ASME B107.300


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