Georator 36-225 Permanent Magnet Alternator in the United States

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Georator 36-225 Permanent Magnet Alternator in the United States
Models 36-225
NOBRUSH permanent magnet AC generator
1.0 Output:
1.1. Rated value: 0.5 KVA, 1 phase, 400 Hz., 115 VAC (nominal), 1.0 P.F., 3428 R.P.M.
1.2 Output voltage, no-load: 124 ± 1V
1.3. Output current: 4.4 A at 115 VAC
1.4. Insulation: Class B (80 ° C, above 40 ° C ambient temperature)
1.5. Responsibilities: Continuous
1.6. Dielectric strength, winding to frame: 1500V, lasting for 1 minute
1.7. Structure: 14-A type base less AC generator.

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