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  • Miniature 1/2″ NPT Unit
  • Available in SPDT, NO or NC Switch Operation

True Flow Switch Performance Independent of Pressure and Temperature. Flexible Design

  • Target area
  • Target Length
  • Target stiffness

Which provide performance and flexibility to meet a multitude of pipe size and flow rate applications.

  • Extremely Wide Operating Range:
  • Down to 0.7 GPM in 3/4 inch pipes
  • Up to 590 GPM in 8 inch pipes
  • Many more switch points and pipe sizes available, consult factory for free analysis.

Send Us Your Special Requirements – We Will Quote A Special Unit To Meet Those Requirements

  • Designed for a broad spectrum of industrial fluids – pure water, tap water, sea water, cooling tower water, glycol solutions, acids, bases, hydrocarbons, ketones, lubricating oils, gasoline, JP-4, plating solutions.
  • Max flow may be five times normal flow.
  • Positive stop essentially eliminates fatigue effects of turbulence, vibration and flow surge on flow detecting element.
  • Very low pressure drop – typically less than 1.0 psig at normal flow rate.
  • Line pressure to 250 psig.
  • Temperature to 200°F continuous.
  • Switches 5 VDC to 240 VAC.
  • Power the driving coil of small ice cube relays as well as some 30 amp power relays.
  • Provides dry circuit interface with computer and PLC modules.
  • Small size and low profile provides easy mounting in crowded installations.

Typical Uses

  • Brakes and clutches
  • Computer systems
  • Electromagnets
  • Emergency wash down showers
  • Fire sprinkler flow alarms
  • High power transistors, SCR’s etc.
  • Lasers
  • Marine and stationary engines

Monitoring flow and temperature of coolant water supplied to:

  • RF and Radar transmitters
  • Sea water & Fresh water systems
  • Spot welders
  • Transformers
  • Vacuum systems

In Chemical Processing

  • Liquid transfer
  • Starting back-up pumps
  • Sewage systems
  • Fluid blending systems
  • Monitoring pump output, valve position, systems flow status
  • Liquid scrubbers
  • Water treatment
  • Monitor filter clogging
  • Heat transfer fluids\

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