Hillesheim HE series SSR electronic load relay 30 A / 20 A

model:HE series
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The HER load relay is a ready-to-install electronic power actuator for electrical heating systems. It is intended for continuous use with high switching frequency. In contrast to an electromechanical relay or contactor, no wear of switching contacts is possible here.

The HER is prepared for use on a top-hat rail (TS 35), completely equipped with heat sink and over-voltage protection.

Load voltage 230 V AC
HER 30 D load current 0.2 – 30 A AC 1 at < 40 °C HER 20 D load current 0.2 – 20 A AC 1 at < 40 °C Protection type IP20 (EN 60529), protection class II Connection terminals 2.5 mm² / 4 mm² Housing dimensions 81 x 22.5 x 100 mm (H x W x D) Type Control voltage HER 4 – 32 V DC Buyer Notice 1. About the product Due to market fluctuations, exchange rate changes, and other factors, product prices and product attributes are for reference only; The specific product requirements are subject to customer requirements, and the price is based on the communicated quotation. All product prices on this website are not considered transaction prices and are for reference only! 2. About Trademark Copyright All company names, trademarks, logos, product images, product descriptions, product brand names, and trademark copyrights related to this website belong to the corresponding brands; This website is only designed for the convenience of product identification. Please carefully read the buyer's instructions to avoid unnecessary disputes.


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