ergoGLOVE ergonomic FSR Sensor System

  • With updated ergoGLOVE wireless hub you can connect 1-8 FSR sensors to measure force.
  • Force Sensing Resistors are not a load cell or strain gauge, though they may have similar properties, and can provide a cost effective alternative.
  • FSR Sensors can be used with gloves provided in the kit or latex finger cots. The FSR sensors can also be used by themselves, with other gloves, or adhere directly to skin or other external surfaces.
  • FSR sensors are thin, flexible and non-obtrusive and have minimal interference with performance or action.
  • ergoGLOVE wireless hub allows for free motion and data capturer within 25 feet of computer.
  • FDC FET Data Collection Software captures data in real time, and data can be saved in a .csv file format.

Measure Force Under Restrictive Conditions – GO for the GLOVE

The ergoGLOVE with Force Sensing Resistors is an ergonomic FSR sensor system and can be used to measure localized force between the body, fingers/hand and external surfaces and tools, or between two surfaces. The FSR Sensors are Thin, Flexible, Unobtrusive, and have minimal interference with action or performance. ergoGLOVE is well suited for various tasks, tool analysis, product testing, and where the capabilities of the worker need to be compared to the actual job requirements.

ergoGLOVE Specifications

Force Sensing Resister (FSR) Sensors:

    • Sensor Active Area: 0.375 inch diameter / 9.53 mm diameter
    • Sensor Length: 2 inches including tail
    • Sensor Width: 0.55 inch / 14 mm
    • Sensor Thickness: 0.008 inch / 0.203 mm
    • Force Range: Maximum Force Limit 100 lbs.


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