Krohn Hite Bessel Plug-In Filter Card 38

The Krohn-Hite Model 38 Butterworth/Bessel, plug-in filter card
is one of a family of filter cards used in Krohn-Hite Programmable
Filter SystemMainframes. It is carefully designed with the user in
mind, providing ease of operation, reliability and price
The 38 provides a tunable frequency range from 0.03Hz to 1MHz
in the low-pass mode and 0.03Hz to 300kHz in the high-pass
mode. Both modes are extended down to 0.003Hz with the 002
option. The frequency response characteristic is either maximally
flat (Butterworth) for clean filtering in the frequency domain, or
linear phase (Bessel) to provide superior pulse or complex
filtering is operator selectable.
The 38 is an 8-pole, wide range, low-pass/high-pass filter or an
amplifier providing gains to 70dB in 0.1dB steps. The 38 will
accept input signals of ±10V peak at 0dB gain and has selectable
ac or dc coupling. Overload detectors are standard and assist the
user in detecting input signals or incorrect gain settings.

• Cutoff Tunable Range: 0.03Hz to 1MHz
• Attenuation: 48dB/Octave
• Filter Modes: Low-Pass and High-Pass
• Response: Butterworth and Bessel
• Input Gain (pre-filter): 50dB in 10dB Steps
• Output Gain (post-filter): 20dB in 0.1dB Steps
• Input Type: Differential and Single-Ended
• Gain Only Mode: 70dB Pre-Amplifier



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