Lowell Model 72 Ratchet Clutch – 1/2″ Sq

model: 72901-92208
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Lowell Corporation Mechanical Ratchet Clutches, Model 72
Rugged and reliable for heavy-duty applications
Lowell ratchet clutches are designed from standard bodies, gears, pawls, and springs. Forces are applied in an optimum manner between the solid steel gear and hefty pawl so that loads are in compression rather than in shear. Gears are a low-carbon steel. Rugged tooth design as large contact area with pawl.

Mounting holes provided in body
Keyways are per ANSI/ASME B17.1
Lubrication is recommended after every 1200 hours of operation
Specials may be ordered with size, shape, and tooth arrangements of your choice
Fully locked neutral position
Free running neutral position available on request
Durable, cast iron construction
Custom models available
100% Made in USA

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