Mereco Metasil 5024T gray Mod 4

Brand: Mereco
model: 5024T gray
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Mereco Metasil 5024T Mod 4 is a two-component,
solventless, addition curing silicone RTV material
specifically designed for applications where a
thermally conductive, thixotropic, medium
durometer material is required. Metasil 5024T Mod
4 has high temperature and chemical resistance
with excellent flexibility and low shrinkage.
Metasil 5024 T Mod 4 Metasil 5024 T Mod 4
Resin Activator
Viscosity, cps Thixotropic Thixotropic
Paste Paste
Sp. Gravity 1.7 1.7
Color Gray or Blue Gray
Form Thin Paste Thin Paste
Mix Ratio wt/vol, 1:1
Mixed Viscosity, cps Thixotropic paste
Working time, 100 gms. 30 minutes
85% Cure time 20-24 hours
Cure Time @ 25oC 2 days
Cure Time @ 65oC 2 hrs.
Cure Time @ 100oC 30 min.
Cure Time @ 150oC 15 min.
Glass Transition Temperature -48 oC
CTE, um/m oC 220
Durometer, Shore A 50 +/- 5
Tensile, psi 725
Elongation % 325
Tear B, ppi 50
Linear Shrinkage, % 0.1%
Temp. Range -55oC to +200oC
Dielectric strength 450 volts/mil
Dielectric Constant 1 KHz 3.0
Dissipation Factor 1 Khz 0.004
Volume resistivity, ohm-cm 7 X 1014
Thermal conductivity 3.7
(Btu . in -1 .hr -1 . ft2 .
Handling Instructions: Weigh 100 parts of
activator to 100 parts resin. Mix for a period of time
until mixing is complete. Degas for 5 minutes under
a vacuum of 25-29 inches of Mercury. Apply
material. Cure according to the cure schedule

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