model: Balancing & Pull Back Straps
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Oteco balancing straps keep center-latch elevators balanced in any position. This makes elevators easier to handle, reducing fatigue. The balancing strap attaches to the link with a U-bolt assembly. The twisted metal loop at the other end of the balancing strap attaches to the elevator handle.
OTECO tong pull-back straps act as a rubber spring to automatically reposition tongs to the side of the floor between each makeup or breakout. Hook one loop of the tong strap over the tong line pin at the end of a manual tong arm. Secure the other end loop with a mooring line to a convenient location. The pull-back needs only to be stretched slightly for proper operation.

Models : Oteco Balancing & Pull Back Straps
Sizes : 2-3/4 Inch and 3-1/2 Inch
Capacities : 500 lbs.

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