PROTECTION CONTROLS INC. Line Pressure Regulator FRS 705

model: FRS 705
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Description The DUNGS FRS 7../6 line pressure regulators, are a balancing type, spring-loaded regulator with an adjustable setpoint. They feature an internal sensor for regulating output pressure. – Input pressures up to 10 PSI (CSA to 5 PSI)

– High flow rate

– Sturdy, precise and sensitive regulation of regulator output pressure

– Lock-up Type Regulator

– Vent limiter; approved as a vent-less regulator by some authorities having jurisdiction. (Review applicable codes for vent line requirements)

Application The FRS series line pressure regulators are recommended for any application requiring a line regulator to drop inlet pressures to a lower pressure suitable for an appliance or equipment. Suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and other inert gases.

Specifications Max. Operating Pressure Factory Certified for up to 10 PSI (700 mbar) ANSI Z21.80 CSA Certified for up to 5 PSI (350 mbar)

Input Pressure Range 2 to 200 in. W.C. (5 mbar to 500 mbar)

Output Pressure Range Class I 4-10 W.C. Includes 10 to 22” W.C. OPD (Over Pressure Protection Device) Class II 28-40 Ambient Temperature Rating -+5 F to +150 F for up to 7 PSI for regulating behavior (+/- 10% of setpoint) -40 F to +150 F: Diaphragms are suitable for the low temperature, but there may be out of range regulating behavior Aluminum body; Two upstream and downstream taps; one tap on top; Refer to selection guide for technical specifics, flow and pressure drop.


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