Rice Lake1280 Enterprise Series Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

Brand:Rice Lake
Model:1280 Enterprise
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  • Customizable color touchscreen with graphical user interface
  • User-defined softkeys, icons and graphics
  • Tactile keypad for scale operations, numeric entry and navigation
  • On-screen keyboard available during entry mode (or external keyboard)
  • Built-in web server for remote access, systems integration and data monitoring
  • Multi-language operation and text entry
  • Supports eight scales within five different kinds:
    • Analog load cell, multi-range/interval weighing
    • Total scale summing
    • Serial input scales
    • iQUBE² scales
    • Program scales
  • Six smart card slots for additional scale channels, serial ports, digital inputs and outputs, analog outputs and protocol interfaces
  • iRite Programming Software
    • Five built-in applications: Truck in/out, recipe storage, filling/dosing, counting, checkweighing
    • Customizable user programs with event-based functions
    • 150 built-in functions for common processes & data tables
    • Customize and transfer data via email, FTP server and networked printers
    • Display data with line charts or bar graphs
    • iRite reporting of iQUBE2 alerts
  • Email, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi Direct®, two serial ports RS-232 or RS-485
  • Alibi memory captures serial port transmissions
  • Four configurable data-stream formats for PC, printers and remote displays
  • 100 setpoints, 18 configurable setpoint types
  • Eight digital I/O for control and pulse count
  • Three different enclosure types: universal with tilt stand, panel mount and wall mount


AC voltages: 100 to 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
DC voltages: 11 to 30 VDC

Power Consumption:

Excitation Voltage:
10 VDC (+/- 5 VDC)
16 × 350 ohm or 32 × 700 ohm load cells per A/D card

Analog Signal Input Range:
-60 mV to 60 mV

Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.3 μV/graduation minimum at 7.5 Hz to 120 Hz
1.0 μV/graduation recommended

A/D Sample Rate:
7.5 to 960 Hz, software selectable

Internal: 8,000,000 counts
Display: 1,000,000

System Linearity
± 0.01% full scale

Digital I/O:
Eight I/O channels on CPU board
Optional 24-channel I/O expansion boards

Communication Ports:
Port 1 & 2: Full duplex RS-232 with CTS/RTS, RS-422/485
Baud rate: 1200 to 115200
Port 3: USB 2.0 Device (Micro)
USB host: (2) Type A connectors max 500 mA
Ethernet: Wired 10/100 Auto-MDX
Ethernet: Wireless 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Selectable filters: Three stage, Adaptive or Damping
Embedded Linux® OS
8 GB eMMC (system use)
460 MB onboard database (SQLite) storage
Up to 32 GB micro SD card (sold separately)

Seven-inch, 800 × 480 pixel, 500 or 1,000 NIT
Twelve-inch, 1280 × 800 pixel, 1,500 NIT

22-key membrane panel, tactile buttons, on-screen keyboard for text and numeric entry, USB port for flash drive, keyboard and printer

Temperature Range:
Certified: 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Operating: -4 °F to 131 °F (-20 °C to 55 °C)

Universal: IP69K
Wall Mount: IP66
Panel Mount: IP69K, NEMA Type 4X and 12
Stainless steel 304 enclosure

Universal enclosure: 11 lb (4.9 kg)
Panel mount enclosure: 8 lb (3.6 kg)
Wall mount enclosure: 23 lb (10.4 kg)
Panel mount 7 in touch-only: 7 lb (3.1 kg)
Panel mount 12 in touch-only: 10 lb (4.5 kg)

Two-year limited

EMC Immunity:
10 V/m

NTEP 15-001/Class III/IIIL 10,000d
Measurement Canada AM-5980C,
Class III/III HD 10,000d
OIML R76/2006-A-NL1-19.23
Class III/IIII 10,000d
EU Test Certificate TC8596
cULus Listed (Universal, Wall Mount)
cULus Recognized (Panel Mount)
CE Marked


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