STI Digital Vibration Switch Explosion Proof CMCP-DVS-EX

The CMCP-DVS-EX is a single channel microprocessor-controlled vibration switch with two (2) alarm levels with associated relays. Alarm levels are completely programmable and can be either latching or non-latching. It has a 4 Digit 0.5” high Red LED Display along with LED alarm indicators and is available in English or Metric units. Standard setup is 0 – 1.0 in/sec (0 – 25.4 mm/s), Non-Latching and 3 second delay The Sensor module mounted in the bottom of the housing uses a 100 mV/g IEPE Accelerometer and converts the signal to True RMS Velocity.

It is designed to be mounted directly to rotating machinery and prevent catastrophic failure by shutting down the machine when vibration levels become excessive. Alarm time delay is programmable from 0 to 99 Seconds to prevent false shutdowns. The unit is mounted in a Explosion Proof Enclosure and is rated Class 1 Division 1 BCD.

For Latching Alarms a reset switch on the front panel keypad is provided. An Optional external switch is available. Terminals are also available for wiring to a remote reset switch.

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