TECPRO Single circuit beltpack BP511

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  • Male and female 3-pin XLR connectors for connection to intercom circuit
  • Compatible with standard microphone cables
  • Loop through for ‘daisy-chaining’ beltpacks
  • Single headphone level control
  • Two ‘Mic’ select switches in parallel

The BP511 single-circuit beltpack is fitted with male and female 3-pin XLR connectors in parallel so beltpacks may be ‘daisy-chained’ together to form a temporary intercom circuit. It has two ‘Mic’ select switches, pressing either switch will open or close the microphone circuit. A single volume control is provided for monitoring.

Tecpro beltpacks are tough, lightweight, remote intercom stations which are typically hung from the belt but can be used freestanding or mounted on a suitable surface. They offer full-duplex operation and have been designed for portable use where care may not always taken by the user. Series 2 beltpacks retain the robustness and simplicity of previous Tecpro designs while extending their performance to meet current operational requirements. They are compatible with earlier designs of Tecpro equipment. Six versions are available, for communication on either single or dual circuits.

The beltpacks are designed to be used on a circuit powered with either a Tecpro power supply or a Tecpro Master Station, although they may also be used with intercom systems made by other manufacturers; please request a data sheet for compatibility details. Each beltpack is otherwise self-contained, requiring only a headset and a cable to connect to the intercom circuit. Headset earpieces are wired in mono; the headset is connected to a 4-pin male XLR connector. A range of headsets is offered, but any headset with a microphone of nominally 200 ohms impedance and earpieces of 8-4000 ohms impedance may be used. Each beltpack has a powerful headphone amplifier; the microphone amplifier incorporates a limiter to prevent distortion due to input overload.

Single circuit beltpacks allow the user to communicate on a single ‘party line’. A volume control adjusts the level in the headphones, the ‘Mic’ switch lets the user speak to the circuit. Dual circuit beltpacks offer simultaneous access to two separate intercom circuits; each circuit has its own volume control. Two ‘Mic’ select switches let the operator speak to either or both circuits. When talk-back from an operator is not required, one or both microphone circuits can be disabled by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

To catch the attention of operators who have removed their beltpack and headset, a call alert signal is sent by pressing the ‘Call’ button to trigger the call lights on all user stations on a chosen circuit. (This is achieved by a combination of an inaudible 20kHz tone and a DC signal. DC call signalling has been retained for compatibility with previous Tecpro designs).

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