Toroid Current Sensing Transformers

The current transformer (or CT) detects or measures the electrical current flowing in a cable or power strip, converting it into a smaller current to be used in a measuring instrument or electronic circuit. The use of a CT is advantageous compared to designing instruments and electronic circuits to operate at high currents which is impractical and costly.

The CT used in electrical circuits measures the current under normal conditions, spikes and power outages, providing greater control over the system.  CT’s also have another big advantage which is the insulation between the meter and the circuit being measured.

The Current Transformers are designed using a core of tape wound, grain-oriented, silicon steel.
• The -S versions are encased in a sturdy plastic housing and have mounting ears and 15” leads.
• The -PC versions are potted into plastic housings and are PC mountable.
• The TR 12525 versions are potted into sturdy plastic housings and come with 15” leads.


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model:Current Sensing Transformers
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