Vitrek V70 – 5KVAC Hipot Tester Programmable RS232~USB

Vitrek V70 – 5KVAC Hipot Tester Programmable RS232~USB

V70 Hipot Tester, Electrical Safety Tester with Continuity, 5 kV AC

  • 5KV AC Hipot Tester Programmable RS232~USB
  • 4.3″ Color Touch Display-Easy To Use Intuitive User Interface
  • Made in the USA-Designed and Built in San Diego CA
  • Compact, Lightweight, Rugged, Fan Free, Fast (100mS min test time) and Accurate
  • 5KV AC Hipot, 20mA max source current
  • 100 nano-Amp Leakage Current Resolution
  • Low Cost of Ownership-Two Year Calibration Interval
  • USB 2.0, Serial/RS232, Digital I/O Interfaces are Standard
  • Test Memory Stores up to 999 Steps and 60 Test Sequences
  • Internal Self Test Fully Exercises Output and Verifies Current Accuracy
  • Test Type Hipot: AC
  • Max AC Test Voltage: 5 kV
  • Max DC Test Voltage: N/A
  • Min AC Test Voltage: 10 V
  • Min DC Test Voltage: N/A
  • Max Trip Current AC Test: 20 mA

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