WB6000 Intelligent х、γ Radiation Instrument


Main Applications:

WB6000 X -γ Radiation Dose Rate Instrument is widely used in all kinds of applications needed radiation environment and radiation protection test,such as medical, disease control , environmental protection, metallurgy, oil,chemical,radioactive lab, industrial radiography, radiation processing,mine and so on.


  • High sensitivity and good characteristic of energy response.
  • High-speed low-power microprocessor unit.
  • Chinese and English interface, simple to operate.
  • Color LCD display, backlight brightness is adjustable.
  • Dose rate and cumulative dose can be measured.
  • Alarm function for superthreshold of dose rate and cumulative dose and record function for timing measurement.
  • Alarm function for battery low voltage,dose rate overload and detector failure.
  • Real-time display of the battery level.
  • Query function for alarm record of dose rate and cumulative dose.
  • Aluminum alloy shell, which adapt to the field operation.
  • Optional door interlock function,can be used as entrance guard electronic key.
  • Optional intelligent network functions, data export functions.

Technique Data:

Detector: φ30×25mmNaI Scintillation Crystal
Measuring Range Dose rate:0.01~200.00µSv/h;Cumulative dose:0.00µSv~9.99Sv
Sensitivity: ≥350CPS/ μSv/h
Energy Range 48Kev~3Mev
Relative Error: ≤±8%(At 200.00µSv/h)
Measuring Time: 5~120s (Can be set.)
Alarm Threshold Value: Threshold of cumulative dose and dose rate can be arbitrarily set.
Measurement Method: Real-time Measurement and Timing Measurement
Display Unit: Dose Equivalent Rate:µSv/h,Absobed Dose Rate:µGy/h;Cumulative Dose:µSv;Counting Rate:CPS
Power Supply: 2 pcs of D size battery
Power Dissipation: Whole consumption≤200mW(Not including the backlight power consumption of display.)
Weight: 1.30Kg(Batteries included )
Dimension: 420*180*88(mm)


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WB6000 X -γ Radiation Dose Rate Instrument adopts high sensitive scintillation crystals as detector,which has rapid response speed. It is the special instrument of the radiation dose rate and is used to monitor high and low energy X-ray and gamma rays of various radioactive workplace.This instrument uses color LCD as display and its backlight brightness is adjustable.Besides,it has alarm function for superthreshold, the alarm threshold within the measuring range can be set freely.Moreover,the instrument has record function for timing measurement and query function for alarm record.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 42 × 18 × 8.8 cm


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