Advantech VariSifter Sonic Separator VS1000

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The next generation sonic sifter. The VariSifter® is a top-of-the-line particle separator that generates the same repeatable and reproducible results as with the original L3P Sonic Separator but with upgraded features including adjustable frequency, multiple built-in tapping options, touch screen and a universal power converter.

The device uses 3” clear acrylic sieves that, with an oscillating air column created by a sonic wave accompanied by tapping actions, are capable of quickly achieving separations of particles ranging from 5.6 mm down to 3 μm. Whether this is the first time purchasing a sonic sifter or you have been using the technology for years, the VariSifter is the new standard in fine particle separation.


  • Ideal for fine particle separation – Sieves range from 3 μm to 5.6 mm
  • Two built-in Horizontal Tappers – 2 horizontal tapping mechanisms, may be turned on or off
  • Frequency Control – Adjustable from 15 Hz up to 60 Hz
  • Amplitude Control – Adjustable from 0 – 100% clear acrylic framed sieves allow for a visual reference to determine proper power level and finish point
  • Accurate results and quick test times – Key-in testing with fully customizable variables
  • Internal universal power converter – Device can be used in any standard power environment 100vac to 240vac/50Hz or 60Hz
  • Touch Control Panel – Intuitive and easy to read touch monitor with dynamic Machine Status Indicator and clear visibility of your variables
  • Vertical mechanical pulse shears agglomerates and reorients the particles in the air column
  • Each unit includes a complete Stack Assembly comprised of: 1 Column Lock, 1 Diaphragm, 1 Top Cone, 6 Spacers, 1 Fines Collector and 1 Fines Collector Holder
  • One-year limited warranty



For use with 3” Acrylic Sieves

  • 6 Acrylic L3-S Series Sieves
  • 3 Acrylic L3-M Precision Series (35um or coarser)
  • 1 Acrylic L3-M Precision Series (30um or finer)+ 4 spacers


10” w x 12” d x 23” h (25 cm x 31 cm x 61 cm)


35 lbs. (16 kg) net

Operating Range

Temperatures 0° F to 120° F (-18° C to 49° C)

Humidity non-condensing

Temperature and humidity should be controlled for optimal results


1 – 59:59 min

Agitation Method

Sonic Wave (top)

Mechanical Pulse:1 Vertical (bottom), 2 Horizontal

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