AndyMark AM-4846 Compact Linear Slide

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Product Overview
Specifically designed for FTC, (though not limited to FTC), this remarkable system is a quick way to execute a controlled extension. Each stage of the Compact Linear Slide is controlled by a pulley system that can be rigged to power both extension and retraction.


1 Stage has 12.18 inches of stroke
2 Stage has 24.37 inches of stroke
3 Stage has 36.56 inches of stroke
Additional Stages
AndyMark officially supports a 3 stage system however teams may elect to add additional stages to increase reach.
Note: Teams should consider the increased wraps of string on the pulley assembly when attempting to add more stages.
Load limit of 10 lbs
Suggested Rigging:

One string per direction that connects through each stage
For more details, see the assembly guide and video
Included Powering/Gearing:

NeveRest Orbital 13.7 to 1
Speedy, approximately 1 second per stage at full speed.
Enough torque to easily lift multiple stages with a manipulator and game pieces, up to 10lb total.
Components Included in the base kit (am-4846):

1 – SAR330 Aluminum Slide (am-4837)
3 – Bearing, 3 mm x 12 mm x 4 mm, V-Groove (am-4836)
4 – Screw, SHCS, M3-0.5 x 35 mm, Zinc Plated (am-1671)
4 – Screw, Flat Head M3-0.5 x 5 mm Steel (am-1668)
4 – M3-0.5 Nylock Nut (am-1023)
1 – Power String, 1.4 mm, 100′ Spool (am-3159)
1 – 0.115 in. ID 0.187 in. OD 0.188 in. Long Nylon Spacer (am-1473)
1 – S3 Extrusion (am-3594-352)
1 – S3 Extrusion (am-3594-256)
1 – S3 Extrusion (am-3594-128)
2 – S3 90 Degree Gusset (am-3602)
2 – S3 4×1 Angle Gusset (am-4839)
1 – 0.252 in. ID 0.625 in. OD 1.750 in. Long Nylon Spacer (am-1669)
1 – NeveRest Orbital and 0.875 in. Bearing S3 Mount Plate (am-4642)
15 – 1 in. 6-32 Hex Head Thread Lock Screw for Nubs (am-1565)
1 – 1.25 in. 6-32 Hex Head Thread Lock Screw for Nubs (am-1566)
12 – 6-32 Nylock Jam Nut (am-1419)
4 – M3-0.5 x 5 mm Socket Head Cap Screw (am-1443)
1 – Extension Spring 1 in. x .25 in. x .031 in. (am-4835)
1 – 0.257 in. ID 0.625 in. OD 0.500 in. Long Aluminum Spacer (am-3720)
1 – Linear Slide System Double Spool Assembly (am-4849)
1 – 13.7 to 1 Gear Ratio NeveRest Orbital Gearmotors (am-4610b)
2 – 352 mm Pulley Mount (am-4838)
Each Additional Stage Includes:

1 – SAR330 Aluminum Slide (am-4837)
2 – Bearing, 3 mm x 12 mm x 4 mm, V-Groove (am-4836)
4 – Screw, Flat Head M3-0.5 x 5 mm Steel (am-1668)
2 – Screw, SHCS, M3-0.5 x 35 mm, Zinc Plated (am-1671)
2 – M3-0.5 Nylock Nut (am-1023)
1 – 352 mm Pulley Mount (am-4838)

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