BC GROUP Biomedical Tachometer TC-1726

The BC Biomedical model TC-1726 handheld digital tachometer is a dual

function instrument providing contact and non-contact measurement of

rotational and linear motions, with an accuracy of ±0.025% of indicated

reading ±1 LSD.

The model TC-1726 comes complete with a convex tip, concave tip, 10 cm

linear measuring wheel, 9V Alkaline battery and carrying case.

The compact size and light weight of the TC-1726 makes for easy, one

hand operation while the rugged, high-impact housing provides for years of

dependable service.

This tachometer features 16 units of measurement, including miles per

hour for treadmill calibration, where the unit measure is always displayed.

Four memory saves are available: last, average, minimum and maximum.

Two different models are available. The TC-1726 is without calibration.

Model number TC-1726C includes NIST calibration certificate.

Features & Specifications

 Contact or non-contact measurement

 Eight character display with floating decimal point

 Sixteen units of measurement

 Unit measure always displayed

 Four memories (last, maximum, minimum and average)

 Most significant display digit flashes to indicate need for battery

 Choose TC-1726 without calibration

 Or TC-1726C NIST calibration certificate


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