BCGROUP Biomedical SA-2600

The SA-2600 is the newest addition to our already popular Safety Analyzer

2000 Series. It is the easiest to use safety analyzer with a full touch screen.

It has fully customizable autosequences which allow you to run through

a full set of tests on a device with limited user intervention. The

autosequences have adjustable test limits and can export pass/fail results.

The SA-2600 is Bluetooth capable to allow for connection to our myBC

mobile app. Through our app you can create and control more auto

sequences and have the results exported to your phone.

The SA-2000 Series is a microprocessor- based electrical safety analyzer

family. There are six models that provide everything from basic testing

functions to the most complete set of features of any handheld unit on the

market. The compact size makes the SA-2000 family easy to hold and

operate. All models operate from 90 to 264 volts @ 50/60 Hz, with load

currents up to 20 amps, so there is no need to purchase two different

analyzers to cover your testing needs.


 Custom and fixed autosequences

 Micro USB and Bluetooth communications

 Small, lightweight portable analyzer

 Line voltage measurement

 Device under test current measurement

 200mA earth/ground lead resistance

 Point-to-point testing


leakage current

External resistance

 External leakage current

 Source receptacle wiring integrity monitor

 MAP (isolation) function

 Internal ECG simulator

 True RMS readings

 AAMI ES1-1993 or IEC 60601 selectable test loads

 90 to 264 VAC operation

 Touch controls keys – no knobs

 LED status indicators

 Audible feedback

Self-test points


replaceable ground fuse

 4.3” color touchscreen

 Made in USA

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