BENCHMARK Thresher Measuring Head

model:Thresher Measuring Head
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The “Orca” Slickline/Braided Line Measuring Device is a heavy duty three wheeled device which accurately measures both wireline depth and tension. Tension is measured from a load pin which also serves as the axle for the tension wheel. Since the depth and tension wheels are opposite each other, the wire wraps around all three wheels. This creates a relatively high signal at the load pin which provides a very accurate tension measurement. This electronic signal is transmitted via an electrical cable to the hoistman’s panel and/or logging computer representing wireline tension. A calibration resistor is included in the load pin to send out a signal to calibrate the computer system.

A hydraulic load cell is included which measures wireline tension independently of the electronic load pin. It is mounted in the frame and measures the tension differential between the top measure wheel and the bottom tension wheel. A second depth idler wheel is provided to eliminate cable rub against a single wheel with the movement of the hydraulic load cell.

The measuring wheel is coupled to an optical encoder that transmits electrical signals via an electrical cable to the hoistman’s panel and/or logging computer representing cable depth and speed.

This measuring head is unique from previous versions in that the wireline can be removed from the side of the measuring head without cutting off the cable head. The guide rollers are slotted so they can be slid out of the way to remove the wireline. Spooling rollers and pressure wheels are provided to keep the wire in the wheels at low or no tension. Wire abrasion and fatigue are minimized by using a non reverse bend configuration.

The measuring head is designed to mount on a single 40mm overhead spooling bar using linear bearings to allow it to slide back and forth in front of the drum so the wire can be spooled evenly.

With the BenchMark Winchman’s Panel, depth can be accurately measured on different sized lines without changing wheels. This is done electronically by the panel using the depth information provided by an encoder. Changes in wire size are accounted for by the panel software. Wire stretch can also be automatically calculated by the panel.

– Max Tension 15000 lbs.
– Wheel circumference 5.33 ft.
– 3 wheels with Hydraulic Load Cell
– Weight 350 pounds
– Mount – bottom
– Encoder & Load Pin
– Line size .092mm – .160mm and 3/16” to 5/16”

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