RJL SYSTEMS Quantum Desktop – Body Composition Analyzer

型号:Quantum Desktop



Product Overview – The Quantum Desktop instrument is portable. It can be used to analyze human body composition or perform body composition analysis on biological materials such as animals, fish, plants, or specific segments of the human body (i.e. chest, muscle groups, and organs).[1]

When used for measuring human body composition, it can retrieve resistance and reactance values from the subject, perform all of the body composition calculations, and print a basic report using the attached thermal printer. Data entry (name, subject ID, height, weight, etc.) is accomplished with the included keyboard.

Its accuracy, record storage instrument, and printing capability reduce errors in data entry. It is built to specifications necessary to comply with peer review literature guidelines and traditional BIA instruments. Stores hundreds of records for later download to BC Software.

BC Software – This device will temporarily store patient data along with BIA results for later transfer to BC software for historical tracking and detailed report printing options. It can be directly connected to a PC and interact with BC Software.

Key Features – The desktop also measures resistance and reactance as real time events. Real time BIA records a steady stream of data with adjustable sampling rates from one millisecond to several hours between samples. It can save up to 15,000 samples with individual time stamps in its internal memory that can be retrieved at a later time.

The Data Logger software allows the instrument to be used as an impedance plethysmograph, recording real-time changes in resistance and reactance, and displaying them on the screen. Its use is intended for investigational purposes only.

(1)RJL Systems only provides software for estimating human body composition from a whole-body measurement. Users wishing to do segmental body composition analysis or study nonhuman organisms must order a customized instrument, and acquire software or equations elsewhere.

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