BUCKEYE FASTENERS Spot Weld Nut – Single Tab SNZ 2213

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Spot Weld Nut – Single Tab

Model: SNZ 2213

The SN weld nut (economy t nut) is a spot weld, precision-pilot nut which features an optimum welding tab. This tab will take several sizes of electrodes and permits use of the same equipment, settings and electrodes used to produce your product or product components. Where the nut is to function as a stiffener or brace in addition to being a fastener, the SN weld nut is ideal.

Product Specifications

Thread Size 1-4-28
Width (in) 1/2
Thickness (in) 1/8
Length (in) 13/16
A (in) 0.500
Tol A (in) +0.020
B (in) 0.125
Tol B (in) +0.003
C (in) 0.813
Tol C (in) +0.014
D (in) 0.250
Tol D (in) +0.015
E (in) 0.297
Tol E (in) +0.010
F (in) 0.05
Hole In Sheet (in) 0.312
Material Austenitic Stainless Steel
Finish Passivated
Threads Unified Standard Class 2B ASME B 1.1-2003


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